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Practical Portal For Future Makers

How to create a future ?

- What´s possible to forecast and what´s not?
- How to create a forecasting project?
- Things that are easy to forecast and things that are not?

What kind of anticipation problems do you have?

The forecasting process always starts with a proper and punctual problem definition.Many projects have failed, because the focus has not been clear enough.

Own Links

- Sanomia Tulevaisuudesta
- K.Mäkelä
- Kompetenssiarviointi (työn alla)
- In Finnish

Yesterday and Today

- News, magazines and books
- Research,studies and statistics
- Questionnaires and interwiews
- The lifecycle of information

Short Term Forecasting

What happens in the near future ?

Main forecasting methods
- Questionnaires
- Delphi
- Barometers

Medium Term Forecasting

Main forecasting methods
- Cluster analyses
- Murrosanalyysit
- Qualitative models
- Innovations

Long Term Forecasting

Main forecasting methods
- Megatrend analysis
- Weaks signals and early warnings
- Visions and scenarios
- Life phases
- Innovations

Future Services

(MM Ltd)

- Future management and strategies
- Future projects, ideas and plans
- Future education and lectures
- Cluster Facilitator
- Project Facilitator
- Support and help with methods and tools
- Help with forecasting problems

Future tools

(MM Ltd)

- Megatrend analysis (MWS)
- Visions and scenarios
- Cluster analysis (f.ex. Topten)
- Enterprise analysis
- Qualification analysis
- ROS-model and Age Cards
- Innovation analysis
- Others (cross-influence, future tables, morphology, Delphi, barometers)

Future Library

- Library includes links to publications in the field of future studies and forecasting

Future Links

Organisations & Enterprises in Finland and Other Countries